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Philippe Starck stands up at Experimenta

Philippe Starck stands up at Experimenta

Starck promises to off himself – one of these days…

Claes Britton | Sep 25, 2005 | 0 comments

“You are the most unlucky people in the world who have come to listen to me today – and I will tell you why. Three hours ago I was so drunk and stoned I didn't even know where I was. Actually, I think I'm still drunk…“

And Philippe Starck's speech at the Experimenta design biennale in mid-September had started. The French superstar designer went on to immediately state that he is completely uninterested in design and architecture. A chair takes him roughly three minutes to design, a hotel about one and a half day and a yacht anywhere from two to three days, he informed us. My friend Marc Newson left shortly after that, when Starck started talking about sex, but I stayed throughout his more than two-hour long, seemingly improvised, stand-up comedy-style performance, where Starck talked little about design and much more about things like life, death, the origins of man and the alluring powers of Experimenta's female director. He also filled us in on the details of how he started out as a designer: ”I was in my early twenties and we went out to a house in the French countryside with a lot of friends and filled a pitcher of orange juice with cocaine, acid and everything else we could find. After that, I sat for two days drawing one object after the other and then I was a designer.”

”Whenever I'm gone for two or three days and they can't get in touch with me, my family is sure that I've committed suicide. One of these days, they will be right – but not yet, we have to wait a little bit more first.”
- Philippe Starck at Experimenta in Lisbon
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