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Through the years, we at BrittonBritton have had the honor to collaborate with our dear friend and "professional big brother" Mikael Jansson in a very large number of projects. Our collaboration was crowned in 2013 with the launch of www.mikaeljansson.com, which we worked on for three years. On this website, those with a visual interest can browse for hours on end and enjoy the amazingly high quality and power of the imagery of one of the world‘s greatest photographers

Mikael Jansson


  • Mikael Jansson — website

    The number of honorable commissions that we have been trusted to execute here at BrittonBritton through the years has grown considerable. The question is, however, if the brand new website mikaeljansson.com doesn’t win some kind of price — the complete digital portfolio over the close to three decades long career of our dear friend and professional big brother Mikael Jansson, the master fashion photographer, launched last week.

    As always with Mikael Jansson, the decision to create his own website took many years to ripen. We were of course proud and happy that he turned to us once it was made.

    The journey has been long from that day until last weeks launch, again as often, or always, rather, when working with Mikael Jansson, this uncompromising professional and perfectionist. Over three years’ time, we’ve had no less than five different prototypes laborously developed, before we settled for the one launched last week. As frequently, time in the end has been an ally, not an enemy. This version is doubtlessly superior to the previous. One of these was even a flash site which would have been like strolling down highstreet whistling zum-du-li-da-la with bellbottoms flying over cowboy boots just two years later…ah yes, Christ, time sure flies out there in that Big Bad World Wide Web, as if that were news to anyone…

    If you like, you can browse through the entire mikaeljansson.com website (approximately fifteen hundred images) using the arrow keys on your keyboard without distrurbance from any graphics whatsoever, enjoying in full the astonishingly high and solid visual, artistic and professional quality of the work of one of the world’s greatest photographers. 

    Warmly welcome to mikaeljansson.com!